BING! BANG! BONG! – BEER BONG – The Ultimate BEER BONG – Scientifically Researched 3 Stage Intoxication Method – Beer Bong Equipped With Tube Valve For Precise Dosing


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We Treat Our Job Seriously, That's Why We've Conducted Extensive Research To Find The Best Method For Utilizing THE BONG.
A III Stage Scientifically Proven Method, Delivers Beer Into Your System BLASTING OUT Any Previous BEER BONG Experiences.

THE BING! BANG! BONG! Method Consist Of 3 Consecutive FULL BONG Hits 1-3min Apart, This Ensures A Proper Intensity Of
Intoxication in 93% Of Population !!! 😀 Parties, Hikes, Tailgates, Pools ,BBQ's Whatever Situation You've Found Yourself In 🙂

We Made Our BONG The Best We Could, To Give You the Ultimate BEER BONG Experience !

The Specs:

►Hi Volume Funnel
►2.5 Feet Practical Tube
►No Spill Tube Valve
►Durable Materials
►No Bents! No Kinks !
►Extremely Effective
►Amazing Artwork

Embrace The Masterhood Of Drunkenness And Use The Best And Most Powerful Piece Of Beer Bong There Is 😉

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE or A NEW ONE If, For Whatever Reason, You Don't Absolutely Love Your BEER BONG


  • GET HAMMERED IN 3 STAGES: I THE BING! - Take In The First Hit Off Fully Charged Funnel And Experience Bliss, Rush Of Happiness And Overall JOY - Excellent For Beginners :)II THE BANG! - Close The Second One Within 1-3min And Prepare For A BIG BANG In Your Reality - Great For Intermediate Users 😀 III THE BONG! - Taking The Third One In A Timely Manner Will Produce HEAVY-BONG Experience (User Discretion Is Advised) Favorite Choice For PROS %)
  • BEER BONG FACTS: FUNNEL - HI CAPACITY Black Funnel, Easily Containing Three 12oz Cans, SOLID AND DURABLE, Our Amazing BING! BANG! BONG! Artwork Included ;D TUBE - 2.5 FEET Clear Tube With Easy To Use Valve For Precise Dosing And NO SPILL Application 😛 NO KINKS! NO BENTS! - Our Fantastic Beer Bong Is Packed In A Way That Prevents The Tube From Having Any KINKS Or BENTS, The BONG Is Ready To Use Faster Than An Open BEER Can In Dorm Party XD
  • PERFECT FOR ANY PARTY: Epic House Banger? Collage Bender Apocalypse? Basement Bounce Blaster? Maybe You Found Yourself In A Classic FRAT PARTY? All Of Those Call For A Special Tool For The Business, BING! BANG! BONG! Will Deliver An Exceptional Performance Followed By Skull Crushing Effects 3:) Please Know That Our Beer Bong Will Get The Job DONE In Any Drunken Debauchery Type Of Situations *Stronger The Beer And Shorter The Time Intervals Will Intensify The Results
  • HEALTH BENEFITS FACTS: Everybody Knows That Beer Makes Us Feel GOOD =) However Not Anybody Knows The Health Benefits Of This Amazing Alcohol Drink ! Medical Studies Have Shown That Beer: Reduces Pain, Helps Relieve Depression, Increase Apatite, Lower Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease, Improves Libido, Is Rich In Vitamins And Helps Your Kidneys :] What's The Coolest ? Our Beer Bong Method Will Literally BOMBARD You With Massive Amounts Of Health ;]
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION FIRST: Didn't Get Properly Smashed ? Our Device Had Some Issues ? Let us know immediately !!! We Will Get This Sorted Out !!! You Will Get a NEW One For Free Or Get a 100% Refund !!! Your Happiness Boozing Fulfillment Is Of The Most Importance !!! Grab One Today And Fill Yourself With Joy, Happiness And Health 😀


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