Blitz Bong – Best Beer Bong in America!


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Feel like the modern world has made everything quicker and more convenient except drinking? Do you look at your drink and wonder how you could get its delicious goodness inside of you in the absolute quickest way possible? Well, leave the sipping for tea drinkers and reach for a Blitz Bong to efficiently deliver up to 40 ounces of your sweet swill in record time. The Blitz Bong is here to bring modern efficiency to your guzzling. Once upon a time, some moron coined the phrase "Drink in Moderation". For most people, in most situations, that's fine. But you're not one of those people and the Blitz Bong isn't for those situations. High-quality 2 foot-long kink-free tube: Are you looking for a beer bong that'll stop the party with a flimsy kinking tube? Of course not! So leave the kink for the bedroom and keep the party flowing with a tube that can keep up with even the wildest ragers. This tube is guaranteed to be kink-free and will stand up to the heaviest imbibing, being stepped on, or whatever else your party throws at it. 40 oz. funnel: Whether you're looking to sip a humble 12 ounces or going all out and taking down a 40 in one go, this funnel can hold anything you can attempt to chug at one time. Superior construction: Unlike other shoddy beer bongs, the Blitz BongTM comes pre-assembled from food-grade construction so it can get into the action right away. Not to mention, everything is made in America! Always strong, always sturdy, never a flaccid disappointment. Great for all occasions: Bachelor/ bachelorette parties, party houses, really cool book clubs, pool parties, and spring break trips - the Blitz Bong is ready to help you guzzle down whatever your drink of choice is in the most efficient, gravity-assisted method possible. Merica'


  • Heavy Duty Funnel
  • Thick 2' tube. No Annoying Kinks to Interrupt Your Flow!
  • Full 40oz Funnel - Can You Handle It?
  • Made in the USA.


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