BongFresh – Complete Waterpipe Cleaning System® (Bong Cleaner)


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BongfreshTM - Complete Waterpipe Cleaning System® BongFreshTM is the most Complete Waterpipe Cleaning System on the market to date. Designed specifically for Waterpipes, Bongs, Dab Rigs, & Vapes. BongFreshTM uses an All Natural plant derived cleaning solution, in combination with a magnetic cleaning tool, to break down and remove residue build up, tar, & water stains. Bong Fresh Tiki CleanerTM Tiki Cleaning ToolTM comes with 3 sizes of scrubbing magnets(5mm, 10mm & 16mm) and 6 glass scrubbers. Designed for a universal user experience, our variety of magnet scrubber sizes ensure your able to clean all of those hard to reach areas. BongFresh Waterpipe Cleaning SolutionTM is made from all natural, biodegradable plant extracts. It is an effective cleaner and degreaser that breaks down residue stains without the use of harsh chemicals. Unlike other cleaners available on the market today, our BongFresh Cleaning SolutionTM does not require an Material Safety Designation Sheet (MSDS/GHS). Now you can enjoy a clean waterpipe without the smell and taste of harsh chemicals that are bad for your health. Enjoy a clean waterpipe without worrying about chemical residue, taste, and harsh chemicals. Directions - Empty and Rinse out Waterpipe - Fill waterpipe with warm water - Pour BongFreshTM Cleaning Solution into Waterpipe Use 15ml of BongFreshTM Cleaning Solution for every 1 cup of warm water - Shake well making sure all stained areas are submerged in solution. Allow to soak for 10. min - Drop magnet scrubber into bong - Place Tiki Cleaning toolTM against exterior glass of bong close to magnet -Using side to side strokes, make your bong look like new again!


  • Easy to use
  • Quick & Reliable
  • All Natural
  • PH Neutral
  • Scent Free


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