Drunko Beer Bong – Premium Beer Funnel with Valve – Extra Thick Plastic Tube – Kink Free Tube and Leak Free Valve


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PARTY ACCELERATOR - "He's gonna do one more!" Your party will escalate quickly with the DRUNKO Beer Bong. Perfect for drinking at college parties, spring break, graduation party, football tailgating, playing the Drunko card game, or just trying to catch up to your friends if you got a late start. Combining this bong with the Drunko card games is the perfect way to get your party going. Be the hero at your next drinking adventure.

DON'T GET KINKY - High quality, 2 foot plastic tube that is resistant to folds and creases to ensure proper chugging can occur and you can set the chugging speed record at your party. This funnel is the perfect size for standing or kneeling chugs, which might lead to some "kinky" activity, but not from the plastic tube itself.

SANITARY (?) - The custom shut-off valve is specifically designed for bonging, is easy to use for serious chugging, and will prevent the beer from splashing you in the face before you are ready to drink. The best part is you won't need to put your nasty thumb over the hole, which is the sanitary part. We can only imagine where your thumb has been. The mouthpiece fits tightly inside the tube to avoid messy leaks.

EASY MAINTENANCE - The durable material will stand up to typical wear and tear, even if your clumsy drunk friend accidentally steps on the tube. Just rinse it out the funnel and valve with soap and water and it will be ready to go again.

DRINK AT ALL OCCASIONS: Our beer bongs are perfect for any party be it college parties, spring break, graduation parties, bachelor party, bachelorette party, weddings, back yard bbq, summer family holiday gatherings, funerals (okay, maybe not that one), as a gag gift, or while playing our Drunko drinking card games.

MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE - 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, no questions asked.


  • LEAK FREE VALVE: No leaks or drips - GUARANTEED. Our beer bong has a fully integrated premium valve that was made specifically for beer bongs. Unlike cheap plumber valves, which can be a pain to open/close, our valves are designed to open and close with ease. We tested it thoroughly to make sure the valve was easy to open and allowed for record chugging speed. Check out the comparison photos to the left.
  • READY TO USE IMMEDIATELY - The DRUNKO Beer Bong arrives fully assembled by the manufacturer, who ensures each bong is 100% leak proof before sending it to you. You can have confidence using the bong right out of the box. Other "Premium Beer Bongs" send you the bong in pieces to save money, requiring you to assemble the bong before you can use it and creating potential risk of leak points if not assembled properly.
  • KINK FREE TUBE: No kinks directly out of the box - GUARANTEED. We use expensive, extra thick tubing made here in the USA, unlike our competition. The premium tubes will not kink or break and the high quality smooth plastic allows for ideal flow of beer.
  • DURABLE FUNNEL: The extra durable funnel holds up to 20oz of liquid and is thicker than other funnels on Amazon. It will take your drunk friends' abuse and be ready to "fill it up again". It was made here in the USA - buy here, drink here!
  • 100% MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied, we will give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked.


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