Ecocha Coconut Hookah Charcoal – 100% Organic Coco Coal – 324 Pieces


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Ecocha - organic coconut charcoal for hookah. Convenient flat shape. Thanks to the usage of natural ingredients, Ecocha lets hookah lovers enjoy the real taste of tobacco without the after-taste of charcoal. Ecocha's special flat shape controls the temperature during hookah smoking and there is a guarantee that the tobacco won't burn and hookah smoking won't be spoiled. In the modern world, traditions and quality are highly valued. Ecocha is produced using classic technology of making coconut charcoal. Only coconut shell, water and organic tapioca (starch from local vegetables) are used for its preparation. The originality of Ecocha charcoal consists of using specially selected palm fruits Cocos Nucifera (Borneo). The quality of the coconut enables Ecocha charcoal to burn longer than other hookah charcoals.


  • Ecocha Charcoal - made with 100% organic ingredients.
  • Lasts 3 times longer than other charcoals.
  • Burns hot, stable, without sparks. Contains no nitre or sulfur.
  • Has natural flavor; Doesn't influence the flavor of tobacco.
  • Not a single tree is cut down to produce this charcoal.


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