“Green Leaf” handmade pottery gravity bong accessory. Non-Toxic glaze


(as of 01/23/2018 at 07:36)


Hookah bottle cap perfactly fits most soda/water bottles (Coke & Pepsi brands) It fits every bottle that are standard. It sits evenly on top and is easy to remove. Won't melt or fall off. It sits down inside the bottle .. So you have no worries, just smoke and enjoy an good water rig or whatever you want to call it lol. If you don't have one, you should. Due to Amazons restrictions regarding paraphernalia, this item is not eligible for Prime Shipping through "Fulfilment by Amazon"


  • Fits any standart coke and soda bottles. Made from organic materials
  • Holes is a bit large but great for good airflow,or you can use the screens
  • Pack of screens included
  • Simple and practical solution easy to use and clean
  • Cap for a gravity or waterfall rig (Bukket)


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