KLEAR Kryptonite 270ml Bottle


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Is the first and only shake-free, multi-surface cleaner fueled and formulated by science. Made for the kind of messes only smoking can create (you know what we're talking about...tars, oils, waxes and resin), this water-soluble product dissolves and washes away built-up residue in just 30 minutes. The only cleaner specifically designed for 420 and 710 smokers. Kryptonite is the cleaning product if you're looking for a simple, painless solution to cleaning your water pipe, dab rag, extraction tubes, shirt, jeans, or your kitchen sink 100% the first time without having to boil water, shake salt, or endure harsh chemical smells. Kryptonite's special formula will remove the unwanted smell left behind from smoking leaving your new glass pipe smelling cleaner than the day you bought it. Not only is Kryptonite the lowest VOC cannabis cleaner on the market today (<3% VOC) compared to Alcohol and Acetone which is 100% VOC. Kryptonite is the only cleaner that passed Colorado Health and Safety Board's tests and is used by dispensaries all over the United States to clean displays and curing jars as it washes clean with water and doesn't leave chemical residue behind like alcohol does. This product is NOT intended for use with acrylics.


  • KLEAR Kryptonite 270ml Bottle
  • EPA Approved
  • Safe to use on sinks, most clothing, hands, glass, metal, extraction tubes, grow trays, Pyrex trays
  • Not for use on acrylics and other soft plastics
  • Clay based non-abrasive formula


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