RAW King Size ORGANIC Deal – “KingSlim Organic Cigarette Rolling Papers, 110mm Rolling Machine & Filter Tips” **INCLUDES** Black Velvet Pouch


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The RAW King Size ORGANIC Deal
RAW products are made from Natural Hemp and Cotton fibers- Vegan Friendly.

About RAW King Size Slim ORGANIC Cigarette Rolling Papers
Enjoy your additive-free tobacco in your additive-free RAW King Size Slim ORGANIC Rolling Papers - Try for yourself and taste the difference.

  • 32 leaves per pack - 64 papers total
  • Made from Organic Hemp
  • Chlorine free, No genetically Modified Organisms

Created from an original blend of unbleached and natural fibers, RAW rolling papers are the perfect choice for the natural-minded smoker. Made so thin that you can see through the natural brown hue, these rolling papers are sure to appeal to the eye as well as the mind.

About RAW 110mm King Size Cigarette Rolling Machine
*This Premium 110mm Cigarette Rolling Machine is the gold standard in loose tobacco rolling machines. Especially designed to fit King Size papers, easily operated -you can achieve the quality and consistency you won't get with the traditional hand rolling method. The result is a perfectly rolled cigarette every time, with maximum smokibility, minimum effort and little wasted tobacco.

  • Paper Size: 110mm King (Blunt)
  • Made from Natural Hemp Composite Plastic

About RAW Tips - Perforated
Burn your fingertips no more! Paper Tips for roll-your-own smokes. Made popular in Europe - Tips prevent waste/soggy ends by giving smokers a spacer at the end of their cigarette (similar to a filter - no more burned lips), plus they help prevent that "ptUUUeehh" sound you make as your tobacco slips out of the end of your cigarette and gets caught in your mouth.

  • 1 booklet of 50
  • Natural Hemp and Cotton - chemical and chlorine free.
  • Tips are NOT filters

**BONUS**Black Velvet Pouch
Our Black 5x7 Drawstring Pouch is perfectly sized to stash all your RAW products in for safe keeping.


  • You will Receive a RAW King Size ORGANIC Pack- Rolling Papers, Machine and Tips
  • (2) Packs ORGANIC KING SIZE SLIM Rolling Papers - 64 leaves total
  • (1) RAW 110mm King Size Rolling Machine
  • (1) Booklet RAW Rolling Tips - Perforated, 50 per booklet
  • **INCLUDES** 5x7 Black Velvet Pouch


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