RAW Trident Wooden Cigarette Holder (Limited Edition)


(as of 06/17/2019 at 04:49)


It all started with the Double Barrel. We were smoking on a Double Barrel during the making of the RAW Cypher #3 in the backyard lounge of Ink 12 in Harlem. CJ Fly made a joke about how the only thing better than a Double Barrel would be a Trident. We set to work right then and there on making it. The hardest part was air-balancing the 3 holders so they'd all pull at the same rate. The Trident is NOT for everyone, most people can't handle it but I know my friends can...

The RAW Trident cigarette holder is hand made from Sustainable Brown Knotwood in the Pearl Valley of Fujian China. No two holders are the same due to the natural color and growth patterns of the wood.


  • Hand Made
  • Made from Brown Knotwood
  • Limited Edition
  • Rawthentic Product


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