TIANYUAN Borosilicate Hand made Hookah Shisha Glass Mouthpiece Tips Handle Length 11Inch,Blue Color


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Huailai Tianyuan Special Type Glass Co.,Ltd. was established on October 9th, 2002,which is the national high technology Enterprise specializes in the research and development, production and sales of colored borosilicate 3.3 glass tubing and rods.The registered capital is 36.8 million Yuan,Total assets exceed 450 million yuan,Presently we have more than seven hundred employees. For our glass mouthpiece,we produce them by ourself colored borosilicate glass tube.The total length is 11inch with tube 25mm diameter.And it is clean easily.It is the best choice for hookah shisha connecting silicone hose. The choosing colors are:clear,blue,green,amber,jade white,transparent black,opaque black,and pink. Finally,if you have any questions and suggestions,please contact me by email.Thank you for choosing our glass products and best wishes for you.


  • GLASS HOOKAH SISHA MOUTH TIPS MADE OF BOROSILICATE GLASS-Huailai Tianyuan Special Type Glass Co.,Ltd. manufacture COE3.3 borosilicate glass since 2002.Certified BPA&Lead Free glass.Each glass handle is handmade in our factory by glass artists
  • PURE GLASS AND HAND BLOWN AND MADE IN OUR FACTORY-it is durable and easier to clean than plastic and metal.And only the glass mouthpiece can ensure
  • THE PERFECT LENGTH TO FIT-the glass mouthpiece handle length is 11inch,that is 280mm.The smallest tube outside diameter is 12mm,which can fit into inside 12mm silicone hose,that is the standard sizes.And the mouth point hole is about 10mm,that is the comfortable to use
  • ONLY GLASS MOUTHPIECE HANDLE,NO SILICONE-but it can fits on the standard silicone tubes
  • OUR PROMISE:But if,for ANY reason,you're not 100%satisfied with them,we'll either send you a replacement or refund your money if it doesn't meet your expectations


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